Nucleus Arts has been kind enough to provide space at the Heart of the Community Space every Tuesday for drop in sessions from 4 to 7pm. A lively and friendly group has developed and newcomers are always made welcome. The drop in is tackling isolation, stigma, and providing a space in which signposting can be carried out and participants can engage with other organisations and services who visit regularly. This is allowing us to offer support to individuals and communities while working towards out of hours provision and eventually a permanent 24/7 hub.

Our drop in has had representation from Rethink, Pohwer, CCG, and RBLI so far, more multi-agency sessions are planned with Healthwatch, CAB, Primary Psychology providers under Insight, Involving Medway, and others going forward.

Feedback from visitors

‘I enjoy coming to the drop in at the Pentagon, a big thank you to the team for helping me to have a feel good factor’

‘Coming to the drop in have helped me to socialise and given me confidence, I feel better about myself and optimistic’

‘I never imagined there could be this much support when I need it the most’

‘Very friendly’

‘Good to meet new people’

‘A safe bubble’

If you would like to be involved in the planning or delivery of drop in and social sessions there are discussion channels on SLACK which can be accessed via the Forum.